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Mas Energy

Colloidal Potassium

Colloidal Potassium

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  • Functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Helps fight water retention and cellulite
  • Helps fight bloating, cramps, and constipation

How to use

Spray in the mouth, under the tongue 10/15 sprays 2/3 times a day. For topical use on the affected parts even several times a day.


Bidistilled water, colloidal potassium.


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  • Against water retention and swelling

    Potassium is one of the most important minerals in our body. It helps balance the fluid level of our body and counteract states of muscle fatigue. An excellent remedy in case of water retention and swelling in the abdomen, legs and feet .

  • Real colloidal potassium in nano drops

    MAS ENERGY pure colloidal potassium is among the most effective on the market, thanks to a technology that allows the reduction of potassium particles in microscopic dimensions and to an innovative patented electrolysis process, which guarantees high stability; of the solution .

  • Only pure and 100% natural potassium

    Colloidal potassium can be an alternative solution to conventional therapies, it does not develop resistance and does not damage the immune system . It is a natural product, safe for the body as it is composed of only pure potassium atoms in bi-distilled water.

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Recommended before training

Potassium is a valid support before training sessions . Thanks to the concentrated formula, created specifically for athletes 1500 PPM, topical intake or under the tongue promotes metabolism.

Immediate effect against cramps

Do you usually suffer from muscle cramps after workouts? You can say goodbye to this unpleasant situation. Colloidal Magnesium has an immediate effect against cramps and helps muscle relaxation.

Fights swelling of feet, legs and buttocks

A valid help for tired and swollen legs . It helps eliminate excess sodium, counteracting arterial hypertension. Excessive blood pressure is one of the causes of swelling in the lower limbs. Thanks to the diuretic action it favors the elimination of liquids, waste, and excess substances, responsible for swelling and heaviness in the feet .

Promotes muscle relaxation

One of the most important functions of potassium is its role in muscle contraction. Potassium causes all muscles, including the heart, to contract and relax properly. It is therefore useful for promoting muscle relaxation .

Effective against cellulite and water retention

The right amount of potassium in the body helps control the fluid balance in the cells and blood. It therefore helps to counteract water retention and cellulite . It helps keep the pressure of body fluids normal, stimulates the elimination of fluids in the kidneys, counteracting fluid stagnation .

Excellent help against abdominal swelling

Potassium is also involved in digestion. The right level of this mineral helps fight constipation, counteracting bloating and abdominal cramps .

Potassium and magnesium: the perfect union

Together with magnesium, potassium nano drops is a supplement that best counteracts the effects of excessive sweating (especially in summer) and muscle fatigue.